Thursday, June 9, 2011


Today I have my first ever Nubar polish, which also happens to be the first true linear holographic I have ever worn as a full mani! I have worn other scattered prismatic polishes in the past, I even own some linear holographic/prismatic polishes, but this is the first time I ever experienced it actually on m nails! Super exciting!

So, if you haven't already seen from the photo above, this is Nubar Reclaim. I got it off of Amazon with my Swagbucks money which = free for me :) This colour is the perfect green halo, not too yellow, not too blue. It has a rainbow of prismatic particles that reflect so beautifully in direct sunlight, but as you can see below under my desk lamp it is still quite pretty :)

Outdoors in the sun is where it really shines and that it why I decided to wear it, the weather is FINALLY summer-like and the sun is out a lot more these days :) Also, as soon as I got this polish in the mail I knew I had to try it out ASAP!

I don't know if you had noticed in my previous posts, but I have been referring to holographic polishes or "holos" as halos for the longest time. lol, I know, weird right. Where did I get halos from? I have no idea, but no one ever corrected me!

Ohh, the photo above is so aweome :) And it's only ONE coat! Just one. This polish is awesome! It applied so perfectly, I love the formula, the brush, the handle, EVERYTHING! The only thing I found kind of odd was the lable of the amount in the bottle ( 0.5 fl oz / 15 ml) when compared to lets say a China Glaze label (0.5 fl oz/ 14 ml) ... ummm ok?

Anyways, other than that little confusion I have nothing but love for this polish and I want more! but when do I ever not want more? The wear on this was FANTASTIC for only one coat, just a base and no topcoat originally ( and in these pics). Although I added topcoat to my left pinky to see if it dulled the holo effect and I don think it really did. I wore this polish for just under a week and had very minor tip wear. After a couple of days of wear I did some BM stamping and added a top coat over that, that may have helped it last a bit longer.

Yes, more pictures, there are lots in this post to make up for the lack of post yesterday, I totally forgot about it.

I feel like these pictures didn't capture the prismatic effect that much, I took these photos around 6 or 7ish as the sun was getting ready to start setting. I find when it is earlier in the day the effect is stronger. The effect is also present in indoor lighting also if you're wondering.

From the moment I saw swatches of this colour online I knew exactly what pattern I wanted to stamp over top. I'll show you which stamp I used tomorrow :)


  1. I've seen this color before on another blog and I thought it was so beautiful! It made me look into more Nubar polishes, which I don't have any of.

  2. I've wanted this one for so long, lucky you! Can I ask how much they charged for shipping to Canada?

  3. i actually don't even own any holos.. this one would be a good first haha
    you're right on the green though - not too blue or yellow love it!

  4. Lindsay - yes, it is really pretty. After actually trying out the polish for myself I would definitely recommend Nubar polishes based off of the formula and pigmentation of this polish alone.

    Queen of Crap - I actually shipped this one to the U.S, bit because they don't ship to Canada, but because Amazon would not let me use my gift card for this specific purchase unless I sent to the States (don't know why) I know they do ship to the States though. To ship to the states it was around $9 total USD.

    Belle - This would be a good first seeing how its generally available for a decent price and it keeps getting harder and harder to find any true, linear ones lately.

  5. I love, love, love Reclaim. It is stunning and who doesn't love a one coat wonder holo delicious pretty like that? :D

    That polish looks wonderful on you and you did great capturing it's beauty. :)

  6. Ice Queen - thanks a lot :) I hope to acquire some new holos in my collection in the near future and wear some of the ones I already own this summer.


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