Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Today I have a mani refresh with Sally Hanson's Hidden Treasure, and boy was it hard to capture on camera!

I layerd 1 thick coat over China's Glazes Blue Iguana from yesterday post.

I tried so many different ways to capture this combo accurately. First I have my desk lamp below.

Next I tried daylight, which happened to be overcast that day.

And lastly I tried in a bowl of water!

I think to truly appreciate these photos, you have to click to enlarge them and see the flakie goodness! I really loved the effect HT added to Blue Iguana, it helped to distract from the sheerness lol

One last thing I forgot to include in the last post was the removal process of this polish. Obviously HT make removal a little difficult, BUT Blue Iguana stained my nails pretty bad :( I used pure acetone to take this polish off of my nails and colouring from the skin around. I knew I should have used 2 coats of my base coat :(

One tip I'd like to share with you for stained nails that I just discovered is to use cuticle remover on your nail. Just put enough on to cover you nail, let it sit for a couple of seconds then gently scrub or scrape the nail with an orange wood stick and it should to remove the dye.


  1. This looks great!! Please tell me if you get stains when you remove this polish. I have several girls who told me this happened to them

  2. Yipie! I love Hidden Treausre! such a nice polish for the summer season

  3. Une Ruxi à Paris - unfortunately I did :( I should have used 2 coats of my base coat

    Janella - me too, I love the dimension it adds to all different kinds of polish :)

  4. Wow! Hidden Treasure looks really good over that color!

  5. Asian Girl - Thanks, it looks so much cooler in person, I wish I could have captured the effect better


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