Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nail Prisms Update & Rose Among Thorns Refresh

Quick update on the Sally Hansen Nail Prisms I will be having for sale soon, I will most likely will be putting them up on eBay as this seems like the easiest way to give full access to everyone. If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know.

Within this week or early next week I will be swatching or sourcing images of the polishes I will have for sale, names will also become available. Here in Canada we currently have a postal strike, so as soon as that is over the polishes will be for sale!

Now on to a mani refresh with China Glazes A Rose Among Thorns. I used one of my new Bundle Monster plates, BM 203 and stamped with China Glazes Midnight Kiss, a gold foil.

I was still to hard to capture the true colour of A Rose Among Thorns, but the gold really brought out the warm tones in the colour and made it appear more coral :)

Below is a photo with my camera flash that is a little overexposed. You can see the orange popping out of this one!

And one last photo with natural sunlight.

I love this combo and the pattern. The gold China Glaze looked really cool on the nail, if you zoom in on the closer photos, it looks like little flecks of the gold make up the pattern on the nail. It's hard to explain but looks really cool :) I wish I had a bikini with this colour combo and pattern


  1. great mani :)
    red and gold always looks so classy

  2. Hi there! It's been so long since I've commented but I've been keeping tabs on you! Can't wait for the eBay sale, hoping to scoop up some holos! Also wanted to tell you that I tagged you in an award on my blog: http://nailpolishenthusiast.blogspot.com :)

  3. Beautiful, love the stamping.
    (I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award. Check out my blog for details!)

  4. Thanks Ladies :)

    Amanda - thanks so much, I read the comments for this post briefly at work but didn't notice that you had nominated me for an award also, I will have to note that in an upcoming post :)

    A Polish Touch - thanks a lot for the award :)


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