Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tronica - Laser Lime

Today I found a polis I wanted but didn't get when I had the chance. By the time I knew I HAD to have it, it was nowhere to be found :(

Luckily I found this beauty, China Glazes Laser Lime, on eBay, and it wasn't ridiculously priced! I think it go it for $5 something, that's not bad :)

Anyways, you may or may not know that this polish is from the Tronica collection and is a scattered holographic, prismatic polish. I really love the colour, it is a very light yellow leaning green.

Photos do not do this one justice, it is super pretty :) The little prismatic particles sparkle so much in the sunlight.

Pictured on my nails is two coats, I was happy with two but 3 would give total coverage. For me 2 was enough coverage for me, I was going to stamp over it anyways, plus the sparkle distracts from any sheerness.

Before I go, I just want to mention some awards I was given by other bloggers:

Over at A Polish Touch, I received the Stylish Blogger Award. I have re-posted this award times before so anyone who would like to take part, please feel free!

Ruxi over at Une Ruxi a Paris, also gave me the top 10 award!

Thanks ladies, I will re-post the top 10 Award soon.


  1. I love this polish!! I also have it and think it's a great color even for work

  2. So pretty! It's too bad that it didn't photograph very well because it's really pretty holo-y. Your nails are looking great!!

  3. very pretty, I haven't tried any tronica yet but this one looks lovely x

  4. Yes great chance you have had ^^^wonderful polish

  5. Thanks ladies!
    I had to hunt this one down but I ended up getting it for a decent price, so I'm happy! I'm still wearing it now with a BM stamp :) I will show what it looks like on Friday, I didn't have time tonight to edit the pictures and write a post.

    Megan - thanks a lot :) I curved them right out around Easter because they kept breaking, but some how filing them down over time they got more squval lol. I haven't had a break since Easter though :)

  6. Hey there! I just wanted to post here that I saw your comment on my blog and responded. :) In case you want to see pics of that display you were referring to, I posted the link in my response (I actually posted pics of the display on my blog but maybe you missed it?). Thanks so much! :)

  7. When Tronica was first released, Laser Lime and Mega Bite were the 2 that I thought I didn't want, but I eventually came to my senses and luckily found them on the clearance rack at Sally Beauty. I was able to get both for $1.00 each. Yippeeee, now my Tronica Collection is complete. They are all very pretty!

  8. G. - I think I did miss your post on it, I have been falling behind on my blog stalking lately! They look so pretty and the scents small so good! There was a full display when I saw them, I hope they bring them to Canada, kicking myself for not picking them up when I had the chance. I think Rite Aid was having a sale that day too :(

    For me it works - you are sooooo lucky!! I thought I was lucky when i got my first 3 at Sally's for $3.99, but $1.99! That is awesome. all of the Tronicas in my area were sold out fast, never had a chance to go on clearance.

  9. great that you could track it down
    i can't find this either :(

  10. Belle - be sure yo check out eBay, that is how I fond mine. be patient, you will find one eventually for a decent price :)


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