Thursday, June 16, 2011

Playing with New BM Plates

Today I have a post I forgot to publish last week! It's a mani refresh with one of my new BM plates. I wanted to add a little something to Color Club's Pucci-licious to freshen it up a bit, but not too much because I would be taking it off the next day.

I decided to add the chain link fence/fishnet pattern from BM 209 to random nails.

Above is my rarely shown right hand with pink and middle finger stamped. And below is my left hand with my pinky and index finger stamped. I used a Sally Hansen purple chrome.

I am really loving the new BM plates, the intricacy of the images and overall quality are really impressive. And that issue I had written about before (defective image in one of my plates) was resolved, no questions asked, they sent me a brand new plate right away! I hope they come out with another collection soon :)


  1. hi there! i came to your blog because you entered my giveaway! (dutifully checking entries, you know.)
    and when i noticed you are from canada i had to follow you, too :)

    i'm going to be in toronto in august. where should i go to find some good polish deals? haha!

  2. Sally Hansen Chromes WIN!
    Digging the purple grapey-licious manicure. I am also impressed with the new BM plates1 So much fun still to be had.

  3. rebecca - Thanks for following, I'm glad you like my blog :) Where in Toronto will you be? Email me and I will get back to you with some pleases to check out :)

    JQ - Thanks a lot! I agree so much more fun to be had ;)


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