Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Smells Like Summer - New Polishes

I found these polishes at just the right time! It started getting hot here in Toronto and I knew I needed to get some more summer neons. I took a peek in to Winners one day and found a mini collections of neons I didn't care about. The next day in the some mall I took another peek not expecting to find anything new BUT I saw 2 new Color Club collections, Wicked Sweet and Alter Ego. I quickly snatched them up and left with both!

A couple days later I changed my mind about Alter Ego, the only polish I liked was the namesake so I figured it wasn't worth owning the whole collection. Plus, when I looked up this collection on other blogs they noted that application was not the best for Color Club.

Wicked Sweet, however, may just be my favorite full collection for Color Club! Upon opening the package it smelled so tropical and the colours are awesome!

Below is Get Your Lem-on, The Lime Starts Here, and I Always Get My Man-darin.

Get Your Lem-on is a bright neon yellow with a fine, subtle blue/green shimmer. It smells like lemons.
The Lime Starts Here is a nice yellow toned, bright neon green. It smells like limes.
I Always Get My Man-darin is a yellow orange neon. It smells like oranges.

Next up is Yum Gum, Raspberry Rush and Give Me a Grape Big Kiss.

Yum Gum is a neon baby pink and smells so yummy, just like bubble gum :)
Raspberry Rush is a red toned pink neon, and it smells so good, just like raspberry candy! One of my favorite scents.
Give Me a Grape Big Kiss is a red based purple neon. I really love this colour and the scent, perfectly purple grape :)

And lastly I have Wicked Sweet.

This polish reminds me of China Glaze's Towel Boy Toy which I showed you on my toes recently. It has a neon blue base with light blue shimmer. I also believe that Colour Club had something similar in their summer collection last year. I honestly don't care though, if it's anything like Towel Boy Toy I am happy to have it as a back up, plus it smells like candy!

What's your favorite from this collection?

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