Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Towel Toes

I know there are some out there that don't care for pictures of feet. I'm actually not too crazy about my toes myself, but I do like to dress them up in the summer time and show them off in my summer shoes and sandals.

I saw a pedicure with China Glaze's Towel Boy Toy last year and was inspired to try this colour on my toes myself. I've said that I hate giving myself pedicures, and that hasn't changed, but I really wanted to get something on my toes, so I did this myself.

I'm pretty happy with the outcome, but this polish was almost impossible to capture on camera! The bottle shot above most accurately depicts the colour in my opinion. Below is the second most colour accurate photo, this was taken indoors with no flash. I played around with some fauxnad and rhinestones on my big toe :)

Below are some more attempts at getting the colour accurately captured, it didn't work. In the sun this polish looks so frosty on camera, in reality it has a superfine light blue shimmer that looks as though it's glowing.

One last close up (click for lager images!)

What do you think? I really love this polish on my toes, it was quick and easy to apply, and since it's a neon it dried super fast. I looooooovvvee this polish for my toes, the same goes for another polish from this collection, Flip Flop Fantasy, which is one of my absolute favorites from China Glaze. This makes me think I need to try out more from this collection on my toes lol.

What's your favorite pedi colour?


  1. omg CUTE BLUE!
    i love bright summery colours on my toes.. particularly because i only show my toes in the summer time lol pretty design on your toe though!

  2. Belle - thanks! I do the same, my toes are usually only shown in the summer time. I am in major need of a pedicure!

    Nicole - thanks :)


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