Monday, June 27, 2011

Tronica Leopard

Happy Monday!

Hopefully you are in good spirits for the beginning of this week. For my Canadian readers, are you as happy as me that this is a short week? Plus, I'm a Canada day baby so looking forward to my birthday AND day off ;) To all my American readers, you have the long weekend to look forward to also :) I love long weekends in the summer time. I can't believe this is the last week of June, where did this month go?!

Speaking of time getting away from me, I have been falling behind on posting for my blog. Last week was rough for me for some reason, I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown or something! Nothing too crazy, just really thinking about the future and what I want to accomplish in life. I am glad to say that I am ready to get my life back on track, and without getting in to too much detail, I look forward to many new and exciting changes I my life soon. Wish me luck!

Anyways, on to what you came here to see today, nail polish! This was the mani refresh I meant to post on Friday with China Glaze's Laser Lime.

I recently picked up this NYC polish along with some others a week ago, that's another thing I need to post, my U.S haul. I purchased my first Sinful Colors! For this mani I used NYC's West Village, which is a deep indigo with a purple shimmer which disappeared when I stamped. It was very well pigmented and I highly recommend it for stamping if you have it.

I like the effect it gave on top of Laser Lime, it looked more turquoise and was thin enough to pick up the prismatic sparkle beneath. It really reminded me of China Glaze's DV8... I can dream, right?!

I love this funky leopard combo! I used Bundle Monster stamp BM 221 for this one. I double side stamped my thumb for this one to ensure my full thumb was covered, but I have wide thumbs.

This pattern is perfect for double stamping because the pattern it not symmetrical or repeating. It's not the most original pattern, I have a similar one on a Konad plate, but it was what I was feeling at the time. With all of the nail art plates I have accumulated, I really want to use them as much as I can and try new designs on new plates. I still have much love for these new BM plates! What do you think of this combo?


  1. Really cool pattern and not to mention the colors :D

  2. love the combo
    it's got such an electric feel to it haha

  3. Thanks ladies :) This combo was fun to wear.

  4. LOVE this! I'm so into leopard lately and this is an awesome combo!


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