Friday, July 8, 2011

First Ever Sinful Colors!

Happy Friday! It's finally here!!

This post is long over due, I crossed the boarder mid month in June and picked up some polishes I hoped to find :) I had seen the Sinful Color Adventure Island displays on various blogs and knew I had to snatch up some of those colours. Common, a dupe for OPI's Mermaids Tears for only $2? How awesome is that?!

Other blogs have shown comparisons between the colours in the Adventure Island collection versus OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean collection, and although some are similar or dupes, some are all together completely different. Take a look at what I got below.

First I have Open Seas, the infamous dupe for OPI's Mermaids Tears. I personally don't own MT (I wouldn't have gotten OS if I did!), but from what I have seen on other blogs, they look WAAAYYY close. This is a pretty muted, murky turquoise.

Next is the namesake, Adventure Island, which has nothing even close to it in the OPI collection. I love it though, its a yellowy, murky green. Sucha an ugly pretty colour.

And Last but not least, Seaweed, a very close dupe for OPI's Stranger Tides. This polish is a dusty, murky grey green. My photo makes it look a bit lighter than it actually is, it's more of a green ones grey, it looks super chic! This is another one of the ugly pretty colours. So interesting :)

I just realised that I got another polish from this collection that I forgot to photograph :( Actually, I have been hearing it is not exclusive to this collection and may be apart of their core line. It is called Beautiful Girl and is a slightly coral leaning pink, very bight, but not neon.

What do you think of these polishes? Would you chose these over the OPI's?


  1. I wouldn't chose these over OPI. I would get both. *evil grin*

    I am still looking for the AI greens. That specific display is nowhere to be seen in my area, yet. Grrr!

  2. I'm like Ice Queen--I got both. Haven't used any of them yet, though.

  3. I am on the hunt for this collection! I would love to get some good pastels (and while I'd prefer OPI, I'd rather pay the SC price).

  4. I haven`t seen this collection anywhere around here but I can sometimes find SC polishes for 3.99 each so I am anxiously awaiting, and they fit the budget so much easier than the OPI. :) These look great! I own about 10 Sinful Colours and I love them.

  5. ooo the colours you chose from this collcetion are so subtle but fun
    can't wait for some swatches!
    btw i also tagged you for an award :)

  6. I like Sinful Colors, but I don't love it. I find that the formula is easy to paint on, but it seems to chip a lot faster than OPI or China Glaze. But Sinful Colors does tend to have a lot of dupes of more expensive polishes, so it's a nice, cheaper alternative.


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