Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Granny Smith

My apologies to those who frequent my blog on a daily basis, I am so behind in posting right now. I made last weekend a long one by taking off Monday so now I'm kind of disoriented... but in a good way because it's a short week for me :)

On to the polish! This is what I wore last week, a nice bright cheery green, Orly's Green Apple.

Green Apple is kind of a perfect name for this polish, although it does lean a little bit more yellow in the photo above. It is a nice bright yellow based green creme. I'm pretty sure I applied 2 coats, it was streaky at first but eventually leveled itself out.

It wore pretty well, although I have been wearing my polish for shorter amounts of time lately. I want to try and get through ALL of my bright and summery shades before summer is over, especially the Color Club Wicked Sweet collection... I'm well on my way though, wearing one from the collection right now :)

Overall this colour is pretty and bright and fun but I dunno... I didn't LOVE to wear it. Not to say that I don't like it, but you know how there are some polishes that you put on and you're like WOW! This one just didn't wow me. Oh well, on to the next polish in my stash.


  1. mmm this does look very close to a granny smith apple
    but ya not sure if it's a "omgomgomg" colour lol
    can't wait for the wicked sweet collection!


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