Monday, July 25, 2011

More summer Neons!

Sigh, Monday again, can't wait for the long weekend ahead :)

Today I have a bright neon for summer, I've really been trying to wear all my untried bright colours this summer. Today I have China Glaze's Turned Up Turquoise, A lovely green based turquoise neon with a blue-ish shimmer. I noticed a lot of other bloggers wearing it around the same time I decided to try it out.

The formula was okay, a little thick, but manageable. I actually liked the thickness. I may add a bit of thinner the next time I wear it just to make it a little more even on the nail. I applied 2 coats which made it opaque, but a thin third coat wouldn't have hurt. This polish dries to a satin finish so a top coat is a must.

Although the base colour is beautiful and the shimmer really makes it pop, I found that it chipped very easily on me. First I thought it was because I went swimming a day after applying it and it started to chip in the pool. But even after fixing it up, adding Konad and another coat of top coat, it still chipped within less than 24 hours! I even wrapped the tips both times, that always makes my polish last forever!

I also used a different base coat, Seche Clear. It was my first time using it so not sure if that could have had an effect on the chipping, I hope not! I also used Seche Vite for my top coat and it has never done me wrong! I think the next time I wear this I will use my OPI ridge filling base coat, I find it really binds the polish to my nail. I have not been having luck with long lasting manis lately!

Have you had issues with this polish chipping? Have you had issues with Seche Clear before?


  1. I was getting all excited about a long weekend until I remembered we live in different countries. :) What are you celebrating?
    I love the color, I've developed a taste for neons this summer and your post makes me want it.

  2. How beautiful! I find that neons chip pretty fast, no matter how much TLC you give them. I went through a bottle of Seche Clear and didn't care for it.

  3. Anita - sorry to get your hopes up! no celebration, just a random "civic holiday" day off :) I don't question it.

    misaya - thanks :)

    Megan - what didn't you like about Seche Clear? I only used it that one time so far

  4. Would you consider doing a test of base coats for us? I really appreciated your product review of Nailene's Acrylic Strong topcoat. It would be great if you would do the same for base coats as I'm coming to believe that that's where the real issue for lasting maniucures lies.

  5. Laura, are their any particular base coats you had in mind? I do have a few different ones and change it up every now and then. I haven't noticed a different in over all wear of the polish though. Would be interesting to try out a different base on each finger with the same polish to see how it wore though, good suggestion!


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