Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pink Wednesday! Featuring a Summery French :)

I'm starting to catch on with pink Wednesday :) I actually have a ridiculous amount of pink polishes, it used to be all I wore a couple of years ago. Now I want a different colour family all together each time I change my polish!

I was feeling like a funky French the other day and decided to go with a pink toned coral, Orly's Ole, from last years summer collection. Other supplies I used included:

- Nailene French Tip Guides
- Perfect Formula Pink Base Coat for French Manicures
- Konad Plate M29
- Konad White Special Polish
- Seche Vite Top Coat
- Small silver rhinestones (pointer fingers only)

Basically the process for this French manicure is the same as I always do
1. Apply my base
2. Once fully dry apply my French tip guides
3. Add 2 coats of polish with some dry time in between
4. Carefully remove the guides with tweezers and apply a top coat.

Why am I describing the process in steps? because somewhere between step 1 and 3 my base coat failed me! As I peeled the guides off, the base coat came with it! Not on all nails, but enough to bother me. I have never had this problem with the French tip guides EVER! And the polish was fully dry! It just peeled right off! This wasn't even the worst of it unfortunately... I continued with step 4 and the Konading and everything looked perfect. I took my photos below right after application, besides some smearing of the stamp not too bad right?

The polish actually started to peel up mid day... I was pissed. I got my seche vite and put some under and on top of the peal and that seemed to save it, but not before one full nail of polish peeled right off.

This is the base coat I used

I ended up redoing my pointer finger with a proper base this time with the pink base on top and went through the rest of the steps as normal. I have not had any problems at all with this nail at all. Sooo disappointed with the perfect formula's base :( I actually reviewed their French mani kit before and thought it was not too bad (minus the thick white tip "polish), but I guess this shows you how it wears. I loved the consistency and colour of the base though, it had a pink tint and is perfect!ly smooth. Next time I will just have to use a regular base beneath it.

I had to vent a little seeing as I put way more time in to French manis than regular ones! In case you were wondering I used the middle hibiscus flower on the plate without "Hawaii".


  1. I love the Hibiscus accent!

    I always have trouble with the base peeling or leaving jagged edges, so I apply two coats swiftly and as soon as I am done one nail I tweeze the guide off while it is still wet. It's a chore but I have better luck that way.

  2. This mani is so sweet! I don't use tip guides usually because I'm not patient enough to let my base dry and I end up pulling up big chunks with the guides. LOL Guess I need to be more patient. I really like this. WIN!


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