Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pineapple Punch

Today I have a mani refresh from the Color Club I showed you yesterday. I decided to try out a look I saw on Emily's Nail Files, If you haven't seen her blog yet, I suggest checking it out.

Basically, I swiped some small lines of polish over the base colour, waited for it to dry and then stamped over top. Its almost like colouring in the Konad stamp lol.

Now this was my very first attempt ever at something like this, so it didn't come out perfect. I do love the two colour combo though. For the yellow I used Claire's Yellow Brick Road, I have 2 versions of this polish, this version is more muted.

For the pineapple stamp I used Konad plate M29, finished it off with a clear coat and it was complete!

This mani felt so tropical, especially since my nails still smelled grape-y. I want to try this same idea again with other colours and stamping designs, any requests?

Have you tried this before? If so, please let me know any tips you may have :)


  1. This is amazing, I tired stamping but it didnt work so well for me lol

  2. lol that's such a smart way to colour it in
    it actually looks good with it being sort of off
    it looks playful
    i love it

  3. Really cute! I wish I had this plate =D

  4. Thanks ladies :)

    Belle - my boyfriend said the same thing!

    Freshie - I think this is my very favorite plate, its perfect for summer

  5. Very cute! Love this idea... need to try it soon!


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