Monday, July 4, 2011

Give Me A Grape Big Kiss!

Wowzers, do not know what happened to me last week, must have been too excited for the long weekend, totally neglected my blog for the later part of the week. The good news is that I have LOTS to show you this week, and I will have more information coming shortly on the sale of the Sally Hansen Prisms. I just have to work out shipping costs and edit the photo swatches and we are good to go!

Now on to the polish I wore late last week, this is from Color Clubs latest summer collection, Wicked Sweet. This pretty purple is called Give Me a Grae Big Kiss!

I think I may need to start using my SLR again, because this colour was really hard to capture. It is a red leaning purple, but it is definitely not pink! I even compared it to the haul shots I took of it previously and in those outdoor shots it looked more blue toned! That's weird.

Anyways this applied perfectly in 2 coats, and although it is a cream, it reminded me of a jelly :) It smelled pretty good too, like candy grape. Even with a coat of Seche Vite on top the scent was not hidden. The formula on this polish was great, and I would like to wear ALL of this polishes from the Wicked Sweet collection before the end of summer. I hope the formula is consistent.

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  1. I could give that polish a grape big kiss. So pretty.

    I have this collection and so far I have worn three of them and the formula has been very nice, across the board. :)


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