Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pink Wednesday... on Thursday

I ment to post this yesterday, obviously, but I got side tracked a bit. I had it all typed up and ready to go too, does that ever happen to you? I hope your week is going along as fast as mine is, doesn't work in the summertime suck?

Today I have a jelly polish from OPI's Texas spring collection, Big Hair, Big Nails. Technically this is more of a warmed toned coral, jelly. I had no application issues with this one, but was scared that I was. I used a base coat of OPI's ridge filler which has a slight creaminess to it and dried matte. I really love it, I feel like it binds the polish to my nail so well! The great thing about using this as a base will a jelly is that you have a nice smooth surface to work on, plus it camouflages your nail line.

I used 2 coats of the ridge filler and 3 coats of the polish and got pretty great results. I added a coat of Seche vite to speed up the dry time and I was done :) This polish is super glossy and juicy and glossy on its own, I think next time I might skip the top coat.

This polish looks orange in some lights, deep coral in others and in the sunshine in looks like a pinky coral. It was hard to capture and I feel the photos I have up make it look more red that it actually is. I haven't gotten bored of it yet, although I plan on Konading tonight :)

This polish has been nothing but perfect for me, no chips and very minimal tip wear after 5 days of wear. This is why I love OPI :)


  1. What a pretty color and it looks great on you! I picked up Do You Think I'm Texy (raspberry sorbet finish) and I had the same great experience with it. As for being a day late...I think that happens to all of us from time to time. Life happens when you make plans!

  2. what a nice colour :D
    yes i definitely always forget to post when i've got one already written.. sometimes i even accidentally post it when i meant to schedule post it haha


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