Thursday, August 18, 2011

Haulin' Part 1

Guess who made a large purchase from the Beauty Joint recently .... ME! Not sure if may of you have heard about the Beauty Joint, but they carry Kleancolor, Milani, NYX girls and other polish. That what what I was most interested in anyways, they also carry makeup and other beauty stuff.

Take a look at the beauties I picked up below.

First we have Kleancolor's Green With Envy and Blue Eyed Girl. Both contain large hex glitter and smaller glitter in a green/blue jelly base. I got this for layering, but I am interested to see how they would look on their own.

Next, some of their "holo's" I wonder why they call them that... anyways, I got Bluebell, Scarlet and Black Chunky holo. You need to click on these photos and enlarge them, the glitter looks soooo cool and changes depending on ighting. I'm sure you have all seen these a couple of times by now.

On to the NYX polishes, I got Dorthy and Ink Heart. Dorthy looks like a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Ruby Red Slippers, that why I got it ;) Same look for a fraction of the price. For those of who who are unfamiliar with the polish, it is a black jelly base with large red hex and small glitter. Ink Heart is a deep jelly blue, it's a one coater!

The last 2 NYX polishes are Golden Lavender and Pistachio. Pistachio is more of a grayed toned turquoise, nothing close to the real thing, although I do love the name. Golden Lavender is a pretty, light purple with a golden shimmer. The colour combo is awesome, I have nothing close to this and hope that it looks as great on the nail as it does in the bottle. The closest polish I have is Zoya Dannii, and although I haven't compared them side by side I can see that the shimmer in the NYX polish is a lot more subtle.

Enlarge the photo above to see the pretty golden shimmer.

That is all I have to share for now, but I will be showing you another haul very soon... this time it's for you guys ;)


  1. I ordered lots of goodies on Beauty Joint too. Kleancolor polishes are great but they smell awfull

  2. great haul! how much did you pay for shipping? If you don't mind me asking because I was going to order some polish from there however I stopped knowing shipping would be too much :(

  3. Golden Lavender reminds me a lot of a Zoya color (that I can't remember the name of right now). Great haul!! I wish I could find KleanColor in town.

  4. Awesome haul! I really need to get my hands on some Kleancolor! I wish there was a place here that sold them, as I like instant gratification of purchasing polish! lol

  5. Bluebell and Black Chunky Holo made me squeal!
    Also I had to scroll back and check out your lime green manicure 'cause I saw your nail in that last shot and knew it was rad.

  6. Such an awesome haul!!!!

  7. Une Ruxi à Paris - I agree they are smelly :(

    ABBY - think it was around $7 shipping for all of the polishes, it wasn't bad but it wasn't super cheap either. Each polish cost me under $2 though so I thought it was worth it. I've seen these polishes for more other places. The shipping may be less if you live in the States.

    Meagan - thanks, the only Zoya I can think of that is similar is Dannii.

    Angie - lol instant gratification, I know what you mean

    JQ - yes, indeed. Thanks, I really ended up liking that stamp more than I thought I would

    imfeelingnail-venturous Thanks, I like your screen name :)


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