Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pink Wednesday with Glitter!

Today I have a pretty coral pink jelly from Pure Ice. I don't have many of these polishes because I don't think they sell them in Canada! The only place I have seen them is in American Wal Marts, and that is where I picked this one up.

Dreamy is a coral pink jelly packed with pretty pastel light reflecting glitter. I thought since this was was jelly it was going to be hard to get opaque, fortunately only 2 thick coats were needed! Even better I didn't get any bubbling :) It dries to a matte-ish finish so I topped it off with Seche Vite and it stayed super glossy :)

The photos below are most colour accurate. I had some trouble with the brush that came with the bottle when I purchased it, it was not properly inserted in to the handle. Seeing as how I was not going to be in the States any time soon at the time, I used superglue to make sure it stayed in there. When I applied the polish to my nails I had no issues, which was good. I hope the super glue holds it in for good.

Ohhh, look at all that glitter! I had been putting off wearing this polish for the longest time because of the glitter. I haven't worn glitter in a long time because it can be such a bitch to remove. That being said, removal of this polish was great, easy and mess/pain free.

Do you own any Pure Ice polishes? If so, are there any that you would recommend? I am heading to the States on Sunday so any suggestions for Pure Ice polish would be greatly appreciated :)


  1. I have a bunch at home but my favorites are Busted (over black), Oh Baby! (layering polish), and Silver Mercedes (the perfect silver without any glitter). And for the price they are, I would get them all!
    As long as you are in the States, definately stop at a Five Below ( Their nail polish is always 3 for $5 which is a great deal and it wears well too!

  2. Such a pretty polish. I do not own any pure ice polishes. I have been seeing them on blogs lately. Maybe I should get some!

  3. Very pretty! Love the glitter!

  4. Em - thanks for the suggestions :) I wish there was a 5 below where I was going, but I already checked their website and they don't have any close :(

    imfeelingnail-venturous - I would recommend it, they are a good price. loop up swatches first though, I didn't expect some of the first ones I got to be so sheer. It turned out to be a great layering polish, but I thought it would be opaque.

    Sarah - thanks, this was the esiest glitter removal ever!

  5. I love Pure Ice. It's the second highest brand (bottle count wise) in my stash because they make some great sheer polishes, which I use for layering or as a base coat for a twist on the traditional french manicure. Anyway, if you're in the market for sheers and glitters I'd recommend Busted, Heart Breaker, Rio, Oh Baby, Mint Dream, Beware, Don't You Wish, Spit Fire (dries matte), In The Mood and Strapless. Some of these you can get opaque easily, others are too sheer.

    Also, there are a bunch of new ones that are out too. Bari Cosmetics released them not too long ago and they are just starting to surface at Walmarts. []

    Happy hunting!! =)

  6. Another thing I just thought of... I don't know if you are into swapping (I'm just starting to try it myself), but if you ever want to I'd be willing to look for/pick up some Pure Ice (or other brands, HTFs or LEs) you can't easily get in Canada and make a swap for polishes that aren't easy to get here.

  7. déjà vu - wowzers!! thank you for all of that information! I went to a different walmart this time around and they didn't have much Pure Ice.

    Regarding swapping, I've always wanted to try, but never have... yet! Pure Ice polishes are nice, but I'm not too crazy about polishes that have to be layered. Sure, there are some exceptions including Pure Ice polishes, but I like mine opaque :)


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