Monday, August 15, 2011

Strawbery Fields Forever

I went to the salon last weekend and got a pedicure. I usually only get one before I go on my family vacation, 1 time a year, but this year we didn't go. Kinda weird! we have been going for years now... I am in dire need of passing out on the sand by the beach and just chilling. *sigh* oh well, next time I guess.

Back to my pedicure, it was alright I guess, I went to the same place last year and they did a better job, but I thought it was meh then too. I feel like she shaped my nails all wrong, different angles, and sizes and everything! Are you guys like this too, or am I the only one being a little to anal? This is why I have never had a "professional" manicure done, they would totally do it wrong to my standards lol

I brought in a bottle of China Glaze's Strawberry Fields along with my OPI ridge filling base coat and Seche Vite Top coat. The top and base coats they use there are some random/generic stuff... I want my pedi to last.

I really like how this looks on my toes, better than when I wore it on my fingers. But seeing the beauty on my toes makes be want to wear it on my finger nails :)


  1. I recently bought SFF and it's one of my favorites! I don't know why it took me so long to buy it ether, I wanted it forever! Well Your braver than me going in to get a pedi. But then again, I don't like strangers touching me..... : )

  2. I got a manicure once and I hated how they shaped my nails. I even let a friend do my nails once and she ended up shaping them all pointy like witches nails! I know some people like that, but it doesn't look good on my fingers. So, I just do my own so I'm not having to let my nails grow way out to get them the right shape again.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one lol I think if I were to ever get a mani I would tell them not to shape my nails at all, I would do it myself before going in :)

  4. You have very pretty feet but I think your nails could have looked better cut all straight

  5. Une Ruxi à Paris - aww, thank you so much :) I was never too fond of my feet, they are wider than most, finding shoes that fit comfortably is always hard. I agree that the nails would look better all the same size lol, oh well, hopefully I have better luck next time


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