Monday, August 29, 2011

U.S Haul

Wow, so many hauls for me lately, I purchased a lot of polish this month, and its not even over yet!

Over the weekend I did some cross boarder shopping and found some hidden gems :) But I think I first want to start off with some random polish findings from all over the place earlier in the month.

So I guess I can start off with some new Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in my collection:

From left to right:

Lapis Amethyst - a turquoise/blue that shifts between pink/purple/yellow/green
Pink Rose Diamond - light pink linear holographic
Golden Tourmaline - a bright red holographic
Coral Amber - a pink/orange base that shifts between orange/yellow/green/blue
Ruby Sapphire - a deep purple base that shifts between red/pink/orange/gold/blue/green

My little Halloweenies! I love these bottles and I love Halloween. Is is me or is Halloween stuff coming out WAY too early this year, I mean it's one of my favorite times of the year but it's still August!

My little tombstone buddies are:

Black Pearl - straight up black
Black Magic - small and thin multicolored bar glitter in a clear base
Vampy Red - A very deep and dark burgundy

Next some old Sally Hansen Salon polish:

Honeydew - YES! I have been lemming this forever :) A bright teal with silver shimmer, so juicy looking makes me want some melon! I almost put this one on the other day, hopefully I wear it soon.
Guilty Pleasure - a pretty neutral gold foil.
Mangoes Loco - a pretty squishy looking coral/pink. I feel like sally Hansen has a lot of similar pink/coral the older salon collection, I own a lot of them lol.

Next up some more old school SH's:

Carnelian (Chrome) - a bright pink/magenta foil.
Batik Cream - a deep teal with green gold micro shimmer, very subtle

I also got some Nicole by OPI's, the look pretty similar but the difference is in the shimmer:

Turn Out The Lights - a black base with teal green shimmer
Drama in the Dark - a black base with a silver/blue/gray shimmer

This next beauty I got off eBay for a decent price, this is GR8 from China Glaze's OMG collection, it's the second I own and I love it more in person than when I had originally seen from the photos online. It may not be as holographic as the others, but there is a still a nice linear holo going on ;) For those of you who don't know, GR8 is a yellow/gold linear holo.

I found these China Glaze beauties on sale, I guess the beauty supply wanted to get rid of their summer collections, below is Electric Pineapple and Papaya Punch. Both are brights for summer without being neon.

Below is my first Essie! I have Matte About You, but that doesn't actually count as a full polish, right? Anyways, I picked this up with the CG's up top, so this one was also on sale! This is Da Bush. After purchasing it, I realized it is quite similar to a polish I got from Sinful Color's Adventure Island collection. Also photographed with the Essie, is a random, no name polish I got on the same day, doesn't have a name but it is a really pretty army green for fall, I couldn't leave it :). And although it kinda smells (not too strong) The formula actually seems decent :)

Now for what I picked up in the U.S.

At Sally's I picked up their Beauty Secrets base and top coat, I forgot to take a picture of it, but you know the ones right? They are the size the size of a baseball and will probably last me the rest of my life lol. I have used the base coat already and love it, goes on so smooth.

Also at Sally's they had a full display of the new Metro collection from China Glaze so I picked up:

CG in the City- a mix of pink, purple, black and silver glitter in a clear base. From what I have seen on other blogs, the glitter builds up quite well.Midtown Magic - so beautiful, a deep dark base of purple with golden shimmer. In the bottle the shimmer looks a little duochromy, but not sure if it translates on the nail.

Next was one of my favorite finds, and at Kmart of all places. I found a Sally Hansen pack of lip glosses and a Xtreme Wear polish, the box said the total value was $18.00, but you pay $7.99. I don't have the box, but this is what it looked like. I felt like that was a little too much, since I just wanted the polish lol. I brought it up to the cashier and asked if there was a sale on it at all, it rang in at $1.99!! WOOT! last one too, too perfect because Night Lights was in it :)

The lip gloss actually isn't too bad either. I don't need lip plumping, I think my lips are more than enough plump, I tried the clear one out and liked the smell, reminds me of hot lips :) The clear one in the gold bottle didn't have a name, but the pink one is called Sheer Bare. I love neutrals for my lips so this was an awesome buy :) The moral of the story, when in doubt ask the cashier! I almost left it, so glad I asked.

Here are some more photos of Night Lights.

Look at all the holo glitter goodness. The black/charcoal base is quite thin and needs to be built up, but you get the squishy jelly look :)

This is not exactly a linear holo like I originally thought, but still pretty and I'm glad to own it. Has anyone ever found this in store on on it's own?

Last polish and another great find, also my second Essie, Dive Bar. Yum :) look at the colour shift in that.

Dive bar has a deep dark base, almost black with a duochrome colour shift between blue, purple, green pink. The first time I saw it, I knew I had to have it lol. I picked this up at Target and it was the last one :) Even the cashier made a comment about how beautiful it was. Of all the places I have been looking for it (including Canada where the retail price ranges from $8-$12) I have not been able to find it! Have you seen it around?

So that is all for now, it took me forever to make this this post due to the changes with blogger, fortunately I got it figured out. Hope you liked my haul :)


  1. FABULOUS HAUL! I have never seen Sally Hansen 'Night Lights' anywhere, let alone in a package deal. I might be slightly more than a little jealous of the deal you got! ;)

  2. You go, girl! You got so much good stuffs!! Dive Bar is GORGEOUS and I'm jealous you were able to find all those Nail Prisms. I'm kicking myself because I had Night Lights in my hand the other day and put it back.

  3. OMG! The Halloween polishes are so awesome! I bought Essie Dive Bar for my sister, and it is AMAZING!

  4. A Polished Touch - thanks, sorry, didn't want to make anyone jealous, I definitely know the feeling!

    Megan - I'm selling some Nail prisms if you're interested, contact me directly if your interested and we can make a deal ;) I'm also interested to know where you found the bottle of night lights

    imfeelingnail-venturous - I have so much halloween polish for this year and Im excited to use all of them! Can't wait to try out Dive Bar also

  5. Great haul! Sorry I haven't been keeping in touch but I have been reading!


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