Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Fruit

Today I have a nice bright orange that is actually from China Glazes past summer collection, but I think it works nicely for a Halloweeny orange.

This is Papaya Punch, its a yellow based orange cream. I dept picking this one up and leaving it every time I saw it until finally it was on sale at the end of summer and I just had to pick it up!

These photos show two coats, and I could have used a third, not the greatest application. I had a few bald spots in the oddest places. You can see a bit better in the photo below, which is not an accurate colour representation at all as you can probably tell from the colour of my skintone!

So, how do we fix this? Add an orange shimmer on top :) I was at a Revlon warehouse recently and picked up all the colours from their summer collection. This polish is called Orange Fizz, and smalls really yummy. I added two coats.

Papaya Punch was nice and bright on its own, but the gold glass-fleck shimmer really makes it pop. In person it looks super juicy.

Looking back at my photos makes me want to sprinkle glitter all over my pumpkin this year lol That would so look bad ass :)


  1. I really like it with the shimmer over it! Hmmm...glitter on your pumpkin? GREAT idea!!

  2. Thanks! Glitter would look so cool on a pumpkin, glistening in the light of the candle :)


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