Monday, October 17, 2011


It's getting closer to Halloween :) We are practically half way through the month of October now and I am really starting to get in to the spirit of Halloween. It's almost as though I can feel in the air, cooler breeze blowing the leaves off the trees... I love Fall :) Today I have a China Glaze polish from last years Halloween collection, this is Ick-A-Body.

Shown here are 2 coats, I wold describe this polish as a very dense orange glitter in a murky, deep green base. Not sure if I'd call the base a jelly, but it wasn't a cream either. It was a bit transparent but did not effect opacity of the polish overall.

I picked this up on clearance from Sally's after Halloween last year so this was my first time wearing it and I love it :) Such a great polish for Halloween. I would suggest adding a top coat to make it really shine.

Since there is so much glitter I was worried I couldn't get it even on my nails, so I started off with a thin coat first and a thicker second coat to ensure it was nice and even. The formula was good to work with, I had no problems, and it dried in no time at all.


  1. Yipes! Your nails over that eyeball... *shudders* lol But that polish looks smashing on you. :D

    I have this in my untrieds and plan to wear it, soon.

  2. lol, I'm running out of halloween props for my photos! and thanks, I'm really enjoying it :)

    Make sure you use a nice glossy topcoat when you wear it, it adds so much more to it.

  3. I missed out on this collection and really regret it. Mummy may I and Zombie zest looked great as well...(sigh)

  4. I'm sure you'd still be able to find this collection somewhere. The only one I bought and wore last Halloween was Zombie Zest. waited for Ick-A-Body to go on sale :) And I decided to get Wet n' Wild's Night Prowl over Mummy May I due to price, although they are not exactly the same.

    Good luck, It shouldn't be too hard to find it if you really want it :)


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