Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Some Halloween Treats!

Although I love the scents that come out of Bath and Body Works, most of the time I have to pass because of the high price. I do love a good deal, and although some of these were a little up there in price for me, I just had to splurge on these Halloween themed beauty clearance items over the weekend.

2 Body Lotions in:
- Black Candy Apple
-Wicked Spiced Pumpkin
love the holo, shiny packaging by the way ;)

2 Hand Sanitizers in:
- Forbidden Aple
- Gumball (the eye ball glows in the dark!)

And I could not resist the Crazy for Candycorn lip gloss, so I picked up too. It smalls and tastes so yummy, and the gloss is layers in the bottle the same colour as candy corn, so cool :) So far it lasts super long too. As you can tell from the photo, also picked up some candy corn for snacking on, super sweet, but good in small doses.

Now this I wasn't expecting... I literally squealed with excitement! Ask my boyfriend, he was like wtf?

I was in The Superstore the other day doing some food shopping when I came across most of this collection. The weird thing is there was no display, it was at the end cap of the lotion section, across from the polish section with other Wet n' Wild products. I had to go on my tippy-toes to reach them! This is the first Wet n' Wild fast dry limited edition collection I have found in Canada, and I've been searching for this one! I almost didn't even shop there this week, pure luck finding it :)

Super glad I got my hands on Tangled in My Web, and the boyfriend liked Correction Tape, so I picked it up too.Yup, there's black glitter in there!

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