Thursday, November 24, 2011

Colour Club Blue-Topia vs. NYX Ink Heart

Today I have a comparison between Color Club's Blue-Topia, which I wore in my last mani, and NYX Girls Ink Heart. They looked closer in colour indoors from the bottle, but outside you can see they look fairly different. I also chose to compare them because they are deep blue jellies.

Here they are both at 1 coat on a nail wheel, left to right is Color Club, Blue-Topia and NYX, Ink Heart. The Color Club applied a little streaky at first, but I would definitely say that you need 2 coats for both. That being said, the only time I wore either of these I only used 1 coat lol. It was thick though and I layered another polish on top.

After a second coat, boh look perfect! Blue-Topia is definitely darker, but both are supper glossy, you can see my camera lens in the reflection!

Here is how they both look in natural sunlight once fully dry. Both are gorgeous, and I'm glad I own both.

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