Monday, November 28, 2011

Glacier Bay Blues

I have a lovely blue duochrome to share with you today, I believe that it was from OPI's Canada collection. I'm not suer how old it was, but it was before my obsession started which means it's a black label (not big 3 free) and came with the old brush. I'm talking about the beautiful Glacier Bay Blues.

I actually swapped out the sold brush for a new pro wide brush lol, I had a couple that I requested from OPI. I would describe this shade as a navy blue base with a shimmer that changes between green/turquoise and purple. Although I provided a couple of photos in different lighting and angles, what the camera mostly picked up was the green. In real life I kept seeing more of the purple flash. I think I prefer the green.

3 coats were used and it wore very well, hardly any chipping, just some wear at the tips after about 4-5 days.

I purchased this on eBay recently since it is discontinued. I'm sure if you did some hunting around you could still find it, I found At Your Quebec and Call at a local beauty supply not too long ago and it was apart of the same collection. I kind of wish I had waited to find this in a salon, rather than eBay. I fell in love with it with the photos I found online, but in person it wasn't as exciting for me. Not to say that it isn't pretty, I was just expecting more.

Do you have a favourite discontinued OPI?


  1. I think this is quite pretty! I think I've see this at a local nail supply store I frequent. I also found AYQAC there too.

  2. I'm not an OPI fan, but I have a few. All have black labels and almost all were bought whithin the past year.

  3. Angie - I love finding beauty supplies that still carry black label OPI's :)

    Patti - nice! I just came across a bunch of beautiful black label OPI's. for some reason I love collecting them, they are extra special because they are harder to find :)


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