Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hauling - LOTS of polish

Lots and lots of polish today!

First I will start off with a purchase I made on Amazon, I picked up a few of the new Holiday China Glazes and Nail Tek Foundation 2 ridge filling base coat. The China Glaze polishes I picked out, from left to right: Twinkle lights, Holly-Day and Glittering Garland.

I have a close up of glittering Garland for you, such a pretty shade. I have a comparison between this and a polish from Last years Holiday collection from Orly, Meet Me Under The Mistletoe coming up soon. As always with my purchases from Amazon, these were all free with my Swagbucks.

Next, some polishes from the U.S that I purchased at a Rite Aid and Wal Mart. Left to right, Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers, Creepy Pumpkin and Black Magic ( I'm pretty sure this is the good one lol), Sinful Colors Nail Junkie and Pure Ice Heart Breaker.

I absolutely love Nail Junkie, but I know it's nothing new. I have a close up of Black Magic because it looks so cool! There is some silver and orange microglitter in there! didn't see that in the bottles they sell at Shoppers, so I picked it up.

Next are the newest additions to my China Glaze OMG collection, L8R G8R and 2NITE. So excited to add these to my collection. I had originally just wanted these 2 and DV8 (DV8 the MOST!), so to own all 3 now is great, plus I got GR8. But I feel like I want more... it's really bad, but I love these holos so much!

Some closeups of the awesome holographic/prismatic effect. Oh yeah, got these on eBay unfortunately.

These next 3 were a surprise buy, saw them at Winners, picked them up because they were glow in the dark lol. But they actually give off a different colour of glow than the standard green! The Blue polish has a blue glow, the pink has an orang/yellow glow and, well the green is still green lol. The one thing I love about the pink and blue polishes is that they are pretty pigmented with colour, I think I could actually build them up to wear on their own with out a ton of coats. I wish the green were the same, but it's more of a topcoat with some glitter. These color Zone polishes have no names.

And last but not least, the randoms lol. I picked up Orly Fresh a couple of weeks ago reduced at Sally's for $1.99! The other 2 I got at a L'Oreal sale a while back now, nothing too special, I kind of regret picking up the Maybelline's Outloud Lime, I technically don't really need it.

Marine Blue by L'Oreal looked impressive in the bottle but I haven't tried it out yet.


  1. I think I need to start redeeming my Swagbucks. Is shipping reasonable from Amazon?

  2. It depends. In the past I had found some great sellers that ship to Canada for a decent price, but lately I cannot seem to find those sellers anymore :( My latest purchases have been sent to an address a family member has in the U.S.

    The good thing about buying from Amazon is that the prices for polishes are pretty cheap and most sellers will combine shipping.

  3. I have 2 of the newer L'Oreal polishes and I was severely disappointed in the formula of one of them. I hope this one doesn't disappoint because it's so pretty in the bottle! You got some great haulage there, girl!

  4. Nice, I love haul posts. I do Swagbucks too, I've been knocking a lot off my wishlist with it.

  5. Megan - i looked up swatches when i got home, found a good one on Laqured Up. I wish it looked better! The lighting when i bought it made it lok magical!

    Shopping Addict - i love Swagbucks, I have gotten so much free polish with them :)


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