Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

I have such a backlog of  photos/posts it's crazy! ave you ever gotten in to a funk where you're just lazy and don't really feel like doing anything and you just put everything off? That's been me for the last little while lol.

Anyway, this is Orly's Galaxy Girl from last years mineral FX line. It has a deep purple base with a light blue and magenta flash. It is a slight duochrome and is very pretty :)

I'm pretty sure this was 3 coats, it was a tad sheer but built up nicely. It wore well from what I could remember. I love the blue flecks, I don't think I've see anything like this before in a polish.

One last photo to show the flash and shimmer. Very cool, I love these mineral FX polishes, although I liked last years collection more than this years.


  1. Your photographs are beautiful. I love the dark background and lighting. It shows of this beauty just perfectly.

    Galaxy Girl is the only one of the Cosmic FX polishes I own. It's a gorgeous one, for sure. I love the shifts and the blue spark is so special.

  2. Gorgeous! I don't know why I don't pick this one up more often. I get in to those funks quite often, actually. The last one had to do with not wanting to use my home computer because it was horribly slow. It broke, so we got a new one. Funk over! LOL

  3. Ice Queen - thanks, i'm glad you like my photography :)

    Megan - ugg, i hate that feeling, i just feel like i dont want to do anything lately. maybe it has to do with the weather


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