Wednesday, November 16, 2011


When the Pirates of the Caribbean collection was released and I saw the silver crackle over the dusty shades, in particular Mermaid's Tears, it instantly reminded me of sunken ship covered in algea.

Do you know what I'm talking about? Like in the movie Titanic, you know all the underwater scenes at the beginning of the movie?

What better polish to pwar the silver shatter with than a dupe from the Pirates collection?! I found the foily polish slightly different to work with compared to my China Glaze Crackles, but it applied well and cracked fairly quickly. I wish I got some smaller, skinnier crackling, lighter strokes next time I guess.

Overall I did like this look although I was just "meh" about it in the begining, it grew on me and wore very well.


  1. Interesting....I bought silver because I thought it would go with everything but was really disappointed with it. I think in general I'm not a silver person so the overall look is too silver for me. I'm glad you are enjoying yours, though!

  2. Impoverished by Polish - I agree, it is very silver, I would suggest trying it with a darker colour, I think that is how I would try it next.


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