Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My very first Sinful Color! I don't  think I have ever worn one before. This beauty is from the Adventure Island collection, and ia called Open Seas. From the comparison photos I've seen, this is pretty much a dupe for OPI's Mermaid Tears from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection released last spring. But I'm sure you already knew that ;)

I wanted the OPI, but a dupe for a fraction of the price? Yeah I would have much rather had the SC. Since this was my first time working with a SC polish, I wasn't sure what to expect. The formula was a little thick for me and the bristles on the brush weren't as soft as I hoped they would be. Overall application was alright, I only needed 2 coats.

The actual shade of this polish is a seafoam green with dusty undertones. I really love these dusty shades :)
I'd say the first photo is more colour accurate, this is under lamp light. The second photo was taken with my camera flash. I applied 2 coats followed by a top coat.

I really enjoyed wearing this shade and the dusty undertones really made it wearable for fall :) What do you think of Sinful Colors formula? Are all of their polishes like this?

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