Friday, November 11, 2011

Wet n' Wild winnings PLUS A Comparison

It seems I was a lucky duck this October, I won 2 great blog giveaways! Which is weird just thinking about it now... the only other one I won last year was also in October, I guess that month is good luck for me or something! I won the full set of Wet N' Wild's Halloween On The Prowl set from Jackie over at Candy Coated Tips. Woohoo!

From left to right: Ink Well, Jungle Fever, Buy Me A Drink, Ready to Pounce

From left to right: Correction Tape, Behind Closed Doors, Cougar Attack, Tangles in My Web

Now, I noticed that Cougar Attack looked similar to China Glazes Ick-A-Body from last years Halloween collection so I have a little comparison for you.

The first photo shows 1 coat of each, CG (Ick-A-Body) on the left and WnW (Cougar Attack) on the right. At one coat you can see that these are not exact dupes.

 At 2 coats I would say that the WnW is pretty much opaque and would probably stop there. The CG still has at least 1 more coat to go.

 At 3 coats of each they look similar but...

... I would not say they are dupes. Here's why:

- CG has a thinner base, it is a murky brown/green, where as WnW base is slightly more opaque and a dark grey/brown
- WnW has more of a faded/light orange glitter, where at CG has bright orange
- I also find that the WnW applies a lot smoother than CG.
- CG appears more gritty

So over all they are not dupes, but they both have the similar idea. Which one do you like best?

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  1. Buy Me A Drink is my kind of color! COngrats on your winnings. :) I think I like the WnW better because it seems to have a richer finished color.


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