Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Already!?

Wow, the first of December. Where has the year gone? In a month it will be 2012! While I already started getting in to the holiday spirit before December, I am definitely in full gear now. I love the music, the shopping, the family get togethers, the first snow :)

I wore Zoya's Ivanka mid November, it definitely got me in the holiday spirit and I LOOOOVVVED it. It is just so perfect. I would describe it as a foily green with a yellow/blue duochrome. Although the duochrome is faint, it is still gorgeous. This just screams winter to me :)

I wish I could remmber how many coats I applied, I think it was 3, the polish was kind of sheer, but it built up nicely, these types of polishes always do.

It's so sparkly and shimmery and just reminds me of elves working away at Santa's work shop lol. When I first saw this polish and heard it's name I mediately thought of money, Ivanka being Donald Trumps daughter. I wonder if they named it after her...

So lovely, all the Zoya's I've owned have amazed me with colour, formula and wear. I can't wait for the spring trade in promo next year so I can get me some more :)


  1. This is one of my favorite Zoya polishes. But, then again, anything that's sparkly like that is my favorite. LOL

  2. Sarah - thanks!

    Megan - yeah, i really enjoyed wearing it, really put me in a christmasy mood


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