Friday, December 2, 2011

A Festive Combo

Happy Friday!

Here's a quick refresh post. Tonight I have my work Christmas party, so I thought this would be appropriate to share. I layered a thin coat of China Glaze's Ring in the Red from their holiday collection this year over Zoya's Ivanka.

In my head it seemed like a good idea, but because of the pigmented red jelly base it was a little too strong to be layered over a different coloured polish. This is the only photo I could get where it actually looked ok. There is no topcoat in this photo because I removed it right afterwards, it didnt come out how I thought it would, which was sad because I looooooved Ivanka and didn't want to remove it so soon :(

I'll have to test layering this polish over some other colours to see what looks best for next time. What do you think, yay or nay?


  1. I am thinking nay. RItR is too pigmented to layer, if you ask me. I would layer a red glitter in a clear base over Ivanka (wich is gorgeous) to get that red and green look. :)

    It was a good idea, tho. I hate it when my wild ideas in my head fall flat in practice. Not only is it somewhat crushing, it is a bummer to have to clean off the mess and paint my nails, again. lol

  2. I have Mrs. Claus from last year and wanted to layer it over some other colors. I will know not to try green! That's too bad. I bet a bright pink would look good, even though it wouldn't be too festive looking or maybe a light grey? Worth a shot, I suppose.

  3. Ice Queen and Sarah - thanks for your honesty! I had actually tested it out on a fake nail first and it looked pretty good. The problem when i applied it to my nails was that the coats weren't thin enough. I should have gone with Getting Miss Piggy With It by OPI instead.

  4. That red looks like it glows over the green. Great combo!


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