Friday, January 13, 2012


Happy Friday! To celebrate I have an abundance of flakies!

Flakie polishes, they have been around for a while but are starting to get big again. I got in the flakie mood the other day so I layered Maybelline Coloramas Pink Piñata over Zoya's Neeka for a quick refresh. I decided to also take this opportunity to show you my flakie collection!

First off let's start with my mani, this is one coat of Pink Piñata over Neeka, this flakie is very similar to Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure, the only differences are the base colour and overall density of the flakes. The colour shift is pretty much dead on.

I love how the shimmer in Neeka plays with the flakies, it actually turned out much better that I thought it would.

Now on to the flakies I own. I have some older Coloramas, left to right Ruby Rays and Pink Piñata. They are basically the same with different sheer bases, I prefer Pink Piñata for layering since the base is pretty transparent. Ruby Rays would be better suited for layering over a similar colour such as pink, red or orange. I kind of want to try this one on it's own to see how many coats are needed to build it up.

I also have these older L'Oreal's that are referred to on the bottle as "Crystal" shades. Two of them are pretty much the same as the Coloramas with different bases. The bases are pretty sheer for the most part so they all have the same colour shift.

Left to right, L'Oreal Jet-Set Shine in Rock On and Raise the Roof.

The other 2 I thought were pretty interesting when I first found them. Crushed Opal which is a multi coloured flakie very similar to Twisted by Finger Paints, and I deep blue flakie with a purple shift, Life of the Party.

I also have some NYX ones which were a bit of a disappointment because the flakes are not dense enough in the base and do not show very well in one coat. I actually forgot to take pictures of them, just a couple of the "Ave." colours (Blue, and 2 versions of purple).

Lastly I have my Finger paints, but I know you have seen enough of those by now! The only dupe I found in my collection out of all my flakies was  Crushed Opal  and Twisted. Asylum can be recreated with any of the "Hidden Treasure" flakie polishes and Life of the Party blue flakies layered.

Are you in to the revival of flakies lately? Did you own any in the past? What's your favorite?


  1. hahaa I kinda feel most flakies make similar finish, i guess im more into glitters/shimmers :)

  2. I like that over Neeka! Very pretty. I have the two Maybelline - I found them at Dollar Tree a few months ago. As for the L'Oreal...I've never seen those. The purple one looks interesting!

  3. Denise - you are so right, most of the ones I own are very similar to each other

    Megan - I wonder when the L'Oreal's were released, I found them at a liquidator a couple years back. Very cool though. I wish there was a online archive for this kind of stuff!

  4. You are so right. Flakies, duochrome/multichrome, and holographic Are making a comeback. Rare versions are being discontinued but new ones like The ones zoya put out are there. I just don't knoe why they don't make these part of their permanent color stock.


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