Monday, April 30, 2012

Finally Apart of the Cult!

Soooo excited! I ripped through my package that came in the mail the other day and dug out my new pretties :)

Captivated and Living Water is what I got, Maria over at Cult Nails even signed the bottles for me ^_^ Here are some close ups of the polishes in the bottle.

I just had to test these polishes out right away so I pulled out my nail wheel. The formula on living water was excellent and perfectly opaque in two coats!

Captivated was a bit thick, I'm not sure if it was just my bottle or the fact that it is so densely packed with glitter. I added some thinner to even out the consistency a bit and it applied just fine. Two- three coats looked pretty good, I included three on the nail wheel. I love how this one can be used as a glitter top coat or easily built up to be worn on it's own.

Can't wait to wear these!!

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