Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Haulin' !

Today I have a look at some polishes I have acquired recently. First are three that I picked up during Sally's buy 2 get 1 free promo. I picked these up last week and considering their promo ended on Monday they still have a good selection in stock. I picked up Ray-diant, Four Leaf Clover and Blue Sparrow.

I had been debating Blue Sparrow for a long time now because it has a matte finish, but I saw it on my cousins nails not too long ago and it looked great. All it needs is a good top coat :)

 I'm kind of regretting Ray-diant. Although it only needs two coats for opacity, I'm not feeling it as much as I did in the store. The lighting in there made it look magical! On my swatch wheel it falls flat. I still don't know how I feel about it.

Next I have some nail mail :) I picked up these China Glaze beauties from Amazon, Gothic Lolita and Stellar.

Stellar applied well also and needs two to three coats for full opacity.

Gothic Lolita has the perfect formula! It's thick without being too thick and unmanageable. It is so pretty too, nothing like I own at all.

 I also finally got my Red Angel plates! I have been lemming these since late last year!! I finally scored enough swag bucks for Amazon dollars and snatched these up.

I also got Cheeky plate E which is one of those extra large plates. Unfortunately mine arrived with a chunk missing from the corner of the plastic backing :( Other than that I am very impressed with the size and quality of the images.

Annndd... Best for last....

Layla Hologram effect in Black Flash!! I almost didn't get any of these due to the price, but figured I had to at least get the black one since I don't have one in my collection. So worth it! The holo is amazing!

Any polish goodies you received recently? Anything super special!?

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