Thursday, April 12, 2012

Konad Promo for Beginners on!

Take a look at the email I received earlier today from

Konad nail stamping allows you to imprint hundreds of pre-made designs onto your nails. Started in South Korea and now a worldwide phenomenon there are over 7000 user generated videos on Youtube showcasing Konad. (Some have over a million views!). 

 It's easy, simply paint nail polish (Konad polish is thicker and works best) onto an image plate, use the stamp to pick up the design and press the stamp to your nail. You’re left with beautiful nail art. 

 We would like everybody to have a chance to try Konad so until the end of April you can get everything you need to try Konad with the Basic Kit for only $12 ($5 OFF).

Now I'm sure all of you know what Konad is, but I'm sure that some people are still new to it or have never tried it. I think it's a pretty good promo for a starter kit and wanted to share the information with those interested in trying Konad for the first time. You can view their basic kit here.

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