Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Glowy Mosaic

I don't know how I got the idea to mix these two polishes together but I'm glad I did! Below is the final look with a top coat.

After the two coats of the blue glow-in-the dark polish from yesterday I added a generous coat of Wet n' Wild's Correction Tape and let it dry. To add some depth I applied another coat of the blue glow-in-the dark polish with a second coat of glitter and a final coat of  the blue!

You still following me!? I added the two coats of blue glow polish in between the glitter to add some depth and give the finish a frosted window look.

To finish everything off I added a coat of Seche Vite and had no issues with dry time considering how many coats I used!! The glow polish was pretty great to work with, it dried super quick so I didn't experience bubbling or anything. I just realized the glitter is a fast dry too lol. I'm sure that must have helped a bit too.

It reminded me of some sort of tile mosaic, maybe because of the square shaped glitter. It also reminded me of a rubber ball lol. My sister said they reminded her of Easter Whoppers!

One final photo, this time in focus, of the glow :)


  1. Glow in the dark jelly sandwich. I love it.

    I was amazed at how fast drying Correction Tape is for such a thick base. That stuff is great for layering, isn't it? :D

    1. Thanks :) I have been impressed with the dry time and gloss I get from the Wet n' Wild fast dries. I am wearing another one on it's own right now with no top coat :) it's great!

  2. I love that the glow is so strong it actually makes the glitter look backlit. Awesome.


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