Monday, May 7, 2012

Holo-Houndstooth + A Contest!

Hello out there! Today I have a mani refresh with my Layla Flash Black. I love this polish so much I have been wearing it for over a week now! The wear has been great, just some rip wear here and there.

Before stamping I cleaned up the wear my applying the tiniest bit of polish to the tips and stamped over it using Bundle Monster plate BM-19 and Wet n' Wild Ebony Hates Chris. Lots of photos to follow..

camera flash

camera flash

So not to dull the holo polish below I did not apply a top coat over this, I didn't want to dull the holo effect. I find that if you seal the stamp by brushing some cuticle oil on top it can actually last pretty long on it's own before getting any type of wear. Due to the length of my nails and small size of the original Bundle Monster nail art plates I had to double stamp most of my nails, but didn't have any problems lining up the pattern.

lamp light

lamp light

I love this so much :) .... So soooooo much that I entreated it in to Bundle Monsters latest art contest! I'd love to have your support by voting for my design if you like it. I'm pretty sure like last year you can vote for multiple entries once per day. Voting starts today HERE and goes until May 13th.

natural lighting - outside

natural lighting - outside overcast

The winners will receive the newest batch of plates from Bundle Monster! So exciting! Good luck to all who entered and thanks if you voted for me :)

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