Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ocean Gradient - complete with crushed seashells

Today I have a mani refresh with Essie's Turquoise and Caicos, a gradient refresh to be exact. I used Essie's Lapis of Luxuxy with a sponge and dabbed it on the top of the nail. I have seen many different ways of doing this on you tube and other blogs, but I found the easiest way for me was to apply the polish directly to the sponge and dab it on the nail.

I started out dabbing the polish the max hight of the nail  wanted the gradient to reach, then with each pass after i moved close to the nail tip. I think I went through about three passes per nail.

At this point I hadn't added a top coat and wanted to add a little sparkle, so I used new glitter I got from Nabi, Large RoundG Glitter and applied a thick coat to get all the glitters on my nail. I would say this is fairly similar to Kleancolour's Black Chunky Holo without the murky brown base and heart holo glitter! I didn't want to use the heart for this mani so I made sure to pick them out.

I kind of wish I applied the glitter in a gradient as well but am happy with the overall look :) reminds me of the ocean and the opalescence of the large glitter reminds me of seashells reflecting through the water, while the smaller glitter is more like the shine off the water.

How do you do your gradients?


  1. This is soooo pretty! <3 I love the Nabi polish;)

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you like it :) Nabi's quality was unexpected for me the only thing I don't like is the smell.


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