Monday, July 30, 2012

It's All An Illusion!... or a Decepticon?

So I chopped my nails down lol I got a pretty bad break on my right pointer finder and decided to trim my nails down a lot more than I have in a long time. It is a dramatic change but I kind if like it. I know they will be back in no time anyways so I'm cool :)

This may be the most colour accurate photo I got!

I decided after clipping my nails that I should try out a new Red Angel plate to stamp over Flirty Tankini, which decided to photograph more colour accurately this time around. I am actually starting to get annoyed with my set. The last post here where'd I used my new plates I realized that the images were too deeply engraved. I had originally gone for an image on plate RA-109 and had the same issue with the first stamp, it looked so messy I didn't even stamp it in my nails to test it our it loked so bad on the stamper. I decided to try again and attempted to clean the plate but it was almost impossible! The cotton pad I used literally got stuck to the design, it seemed to be sharp and pointy as well. I attempted using a q-tip and even a "no fluff" pad and they all got stuck :(

This one is pretty close too :)

I gave up on that design and tried a different one from RA-114. This one reminds me of some sort of optical illusion pattern :) My sister on the other hand was reminded of Transformers lol. I used my go to black for stamping, Sally Hansen 10 Day No Chip in Blackberry.

lots of photos to show you how the colour changes again! I wish the lines had come out a bit crisper, not sure if it was the plates fault or how I stamped the nail. All and all I like this pattern but I feel like the quality is not as high as I had originally hoped for. Have you had issues with your Red Angel Plates?

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