Friday, July 27, 2012

My First EVER Professional Manicure

So I got my first ever professional mani a week ago today, it wasn't as frightening as I had thought it to be lol. I had filed and shaped my nails the way I liked before I went in and told them that I would like to keep them as is. I have heard horror stories about nails be chopped clean off!

Overall it was ok, my favorite part was the massage and the whole being pampered feeling is always nice when you have someone to do stuff for you. Brought my own polish, China Glaze's Flirty Tankini. This colour is super hard to describe and photograph. All of the photos above are not colour accurate at all, it is more pink than red, that being said it also appears to be a new shade in almost every type of lighting. The last photo above in the shade comes the closest to the actual shade in real life but on my work computer this photo still doesn't capture the colour right! Originally in the bottle it looked pink, but in low light I find it to look more coral. Other times it looks bright bubble gum pink! it has a magenta shimmer than runs throughout and really adds depth to the colour. When I first bought it I was unsure how I felt about it, but now I love it :) While it is very pretty and apart of the neon collection, it isn't really as bright as the other neons I own.

Two coats were applied in the photos, but next time I would use a third. The formula was pretty great, you just have to watch how you apply it so you don't get any brush strokes. I wore this to a wedding and it matched my flowers pretty well :) My family seems to like the colour too, my mom kept making comments about it in the salon and my grandma actually wanted me to paint her nails the same shade! I ended up convincing her than maybe a more neutral shade was a better choice ;)

So would I get another professional mani? Probably not at the same place, although they were very nice and did a decent job the spa was fairly far and I didn't like that my tips were not wrapped! As soon as I got home I fixed that up. There were some other tiny things but nothing really worth mentioning.

What are your experiences like at the nail salon or spa?


  1. I have only had a professional mani maybe 2 times in my life other than in the 80's when I wore acrylic nails (ugh - huge time waste and huge cost even then at $20 every 9 days as mine grew out sooooo fast I needed fills)...but everyone needs to go once and see that often you find you will do it better yourself at home. You know the products you like and treatments too usually vs what is used at a salon. Love this shade from the ChG Neon collection on you. I think this will make me get my neons back out. I never wore most of 'em once I got them - and so many pinks between the new and what I already had from China Glaze in neons. But this one, while really bright, does not fall into neon esp when I compare it to the older Pool Party.

    1. I agree, not really what I expect a neon to be but still pretty :) I wish I could capture the colour better!

      I got Acrylics once in my lifetime, it was for prom and i had never had nice, long nails. I was a nail biter since birth until I was about 21 maybe lol. Anyways, I like manis as long as they don't alter the shape of my nail but I think I would only get another one if iy was included in some sort of promo like this one was, I got a package off a group buying site for a mani, pedi, massage and facial :)

  2. Oops :) that is a great color combination!


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