Thursday, July 19, 2012

What a Nail Junkie

I decided that since I am going for my first ever salon manicure that this week I would wear a glitter. I LOVE glitter, but removal is annoying, so I'll just let them remove it :) my glitter of the week? Sinful Colors Nail Junkie.

This polish consists of a green/teal jelly base with so much glitter I don't know where to start! There looks to be two different larger glitters, both irridecent with one having flashes of blues and purples while the other is more orange and gold shades. This polish is also packed with holo and gold glitter, I love how it is suspended within the jelly base. I only used two coats because I knew I would remove it in only a few days. If I were wearing this for longer would either apply another layer or use a nude or teal base.

You may also notice the Incoco polish strip is still on as well. I was ready to take it off finally but then realized that those too are glitter! So I let them be for a few more days. Other than some tip wear they are holding up pretty well! I had these applied on June 30th! you could probably tell from the space between the strip and my cuticle...

I haven't quite decided what colour I'd like for my upcoming mani pedi. I was thinking of keeping it simple and using the same colour for both since I will be in a wedding party the next day, don't want to clash with the dress!


  1. I can't believe you have had it on since the end of June! That is pretty awesome~
    Junkie is so pretty~ gotta look into that

    1. I got these "samples" applied from a kiosk at Vaughan Mills, If your interested I would check them out and try them out for yourself if you haven't already :) I am so impressed.


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