Monday, July 16, 2012


Zazu, zuzu, zuzee lol I always want to pronounce Zoya's Zazu wrong! Eow, that is like a tongue twister it's self. Zazu was the one colour I knew I HAD to have from the latest summer collection from Zoya. First of all it's teal, and shimmery and Zoya! I have been a fan of Zoya's formula since the first bottle I tried and this one is no different.

I applied two coats total but could have gotten away with one thick coat. I usually prefer two though. The formula was a little thick, so before applying the second coat I added some thinner to my bottle. The finish is a foil, but I feel like it's updated for summer and more creamy. In low light and in the shade the polish shines silver, but in the sun and direct light it shimmers more gold. I love the gold I this colour, it really complements the green/blue hue.

Zuza actually reminds me of another polish I have from Sally Hansen, Honeydew. Honeydew actually has a faint shimmer of silver rather than a foil or shimmery finish, but they still feel close in colour in my mind. You can see when I wore it last summer HERE.

As you can tell I paired it AGAIN with the Incoco nail polish strip I got applied over a week ago. Seriously, at this point I want to see how long it really lasts because at this point it is ridiculous! The wear is just fantastic so close to two full weeks of wear plus a filling and it is still in top condition.


  1. Very pretty color. Zoya is love.

    1. Zoya is awesome :) When they have deals, they really have some good ones :)


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