Friday, August 3, 2012

Doppelgängers! Duochrome Edition Featuring China Glaze & Revlon

While in Sally's the other day deciding if I wanted to pick up Deviantly Daring I was reminded of another colour in my stash. I have been doing that a lot lately, trying to make a mental note of the polishes in my stash and they are close to the ones I want to buy. This way I can leave it if I have something similar. Usually swatch wheels aid in this, but they didn't have one out on display at the time.

The one polish that came to mind was Revlon's Ocean Breeze I wore not too long ago. I almost left the China glaze behind, but I am so glad I didn't!

So let's see a close up, first Deviantly Daring 

and Ocean Breeze.

And now both snatched side by side, Deviantly Daring is two coats and Ocean Breeze is at least three.

Both pf the photos above and below were taken in direct sunlight at different angles.

And the last photo shows them in the shade. Look at that shine on Deviantly Daring! I love it :)

So these are obviously not as close of dupes as I thought they were. It you couldn't see it in the photos here are some others reasons why:

- Deviantly Daring is darker in colour
- Deviantly Daring has a chrome-like finish
- Ocean Breeze is thinner formula wise and requires more coats
- Ocean Breeze has more of a duochrome effect. You can see the colour of this polish better in this post.
- Ocean Breeze leaves more brush strokes behind and has more of a frosty finish

Even though Deviantly Daring doesn't have a strong duochrome effect I still prefer it over Ocean Breeze and I cannot wait to wear it as a full mani soon :) which do you prefer?


  1. Very good to know!! Both very pretty polishes =)

  2. O my god, these colours are so prettyyyy <3

  3. I know I could not wear the Revlon shade...been wondering about ChG Deviantly Daring & if it would fall in the same group with those lighter aqua teals I just cannot wear when it comes to polish - they look horrible and I don't know why. I wear that shade of teal in clothing and it looks great - polish = yuck. Folks will swoon over a new release in this range of hue. I just need to turn and walk away when my eye balls get tempted. Powder blue is in the same category. I feel like a party of 1 here with this plague.

    1. Really? I've never heard of that kind of clashing before, what colour does your skin fall in to? I find I have a yellow undertone. My skin tone overall is light but I do get a decent tan in the summer that is more golden with the yellow undertones.


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