Thursday, August 9, 2012

See Ya Later Alligator... Some old & NEW Holos for 2013

Woohoo!! More holos! Today I have one of my China Glaze OMG polishes, I only own a few from the collection, and have only worn one as a full mani believe it or not! The first was DV8, which I LOVE, the second for me to wear from this collection? L8R G8R.

L8R G8R is a light green holographic/prismatic polish. I used two coats in my photos with a regular base coat (I forgot to use my Nfu Oh Aqua Base) and no top coat. Considering I wore a regular base I had no issues with application. The polish applied smoothy and dried quickly.

After wearing this for a few days, I kind of wish it was more pigmented or a deeper green. It is a pretty pastel lime but it needs a little more brightness to it! I was actually inspired to wear this polish after seeing swatches of China Glazes Spring 2013 Hologram collection and seeing OMG a UFO which is not only an awesome looking green holo, but the name rocks too! I soooo cannot wait for those :)

Krystal  from PolishGalore was kind enough to let me use her borrow her photo above to show you guys OMG a UFO and the other lovely holos China Glaze is set to release this spring. Look how saturated these shades look! To see more photos of this collection and some more upcoming collections from China Glaze, be sure to check out her post here.

The wear was typical of holos or most regular polishes without a top coat. Within the first couple of days I got some slight tip wear and one or two minor chips. This was from various day-to-day stuff like washing dishes, prepping food, cleaning etc. I want to do some fun nail art with this one, I'm off to look up some inspiration ;)

I couldn't resist taking a photo of my nails by my new neon coral bikini, :) ... which of course is showing up pink. I love the contrast in colours.

What's your favorite holo polish?


  1. L8R GR8 is my all time fav shade from the OMG collection. For a time the silver called OMG from this collection was typically the hardest and most expensive to find...of late L8R GR8 is been nearly invisible on the secondary market. I was lucky enough to jump on finding all in this collection only about 4 months after it was gone from the retail stores. I should have picked up a ton of 'em had I known they would be so coveted in yrs to come. I have a couple extra bottles now thinking they are in the deeper pink and maybe the blue one and the OMG silver. I don't have a back up bottle to L8R GR8. The 'other' strong green holo I adore big time is #66 out of Nfu might like that one more - it's a more vivid green. But also I have seen some L8R GR8's that have faded through the yrs in the bottle. Mine is still more pigmented than yours is showing up here - hard to really tell as they can be hard to photo - flash can wash them out some. But since you mentioned it being really soft pastel...thought it was worth mentioning that you may have bottle fade or it's been exposed to light more than it should have been. I have not heard of 2 shades in this one. There are 2 shades out there of one of the other shades in this OMG collection - as I recall it's the deeper rose pink - one version is lighter than another that has more purple punch to it. Keep your eyes open for this collection. I do see a few of the shades on the secondary market that are still plentiful out there like the blue one. I see it go for ~ $12 quite often. I also see quite often the DV8 still too. DV8 may be the easiest of all this collection to come by today at a decent price.

    1. The camera flash in some of my photos have lightened the overall hue of the polish but you may be right, I never thought that it may have been faded, or maybe the bottle just needs a good shake! lol It is still on my nails now and I find that it is darker in colour than my photos show, sometimes it so hard to get a colour accurate photo :( I think my favorite from this collection is DV8, I love the colour and effect!

      I purchased all of my OMG polishes thought eBay unfortunately, you were lucky enough to snag these up when you had the chance!

  2. So beautiful, L8R G8R is one of my favorites of this whole collection! Can't wait for next years holos!!

    1. Thanks :) I soooo cannot wait, i hope there is enough to go around and the price is not too outragous

  3. Lovr this and the entire omg collection.


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