Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Newest Additions to My Polish Family!

A quickie post today, just wanted to show off some new polishes I got in the mail the other day. Both are from the limited Bohemian Collection which consists of a bunch of duochrome polishes. I picked up Rare and Radiant (the Chanel/OPI dupe) and Unpredictable. I got these through Amazon and was pleasantly surprised to receive the bottles with the silver lids. I had heard some people complain that some sellers/stores had the regular black tops only. This happened to me once with the Prismatic collection, I picked it up at Sallys.

Here are the bottles in the sunlight...

...and in the shade.

I also have some swatches on my nail wheel, left to right Rare & Radiant and Unpredictable.

shade on an angle
Each swatch is two coats and applied well. I did notice some streaking during application but it seemed to even it's self out once it dried. look how smooth and shiny they look, such perfect fall shades. What's your favorite from this collection?


  1. Are you on twitter? I'm just wondering what Amazon price and shipping is like, for future purchases :) Sally charges $7.49 for these

    1. I got these for an awesome price on Amazon, between $4 - $5 or less and shipping for both bottles was under $3. HOWEVER I did ship these to the States through, I have an address there that I occasionally ship to.

      Come to think of it I actually got these polishes for FREE because I used the Amazon gift cards I got through Swagbucks, I love Swagbucks :)

  2. I love that, it's a nice summer color. Do you ever have giveaways?

    1. I don't know about summer, but I just can't wait to wear it for fall!

      I haven't had any giveaways yet, but have been looking in to a fun way to have one possibly in the future.


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