Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Skull and Gloss Bones

My polish choice was inspired by the weather this weekend, dark and rainy. The perfect colour to represent this; OPI's Skull and Gloss Bones. This is another polish from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection.

I would describe it as a soft, light grey. It has no undertones of yellow or blue, it has to be the most perfect grey creme! My boyfriend was reminded of Pelican Grey from China Glaze when he saw this polish, and you may say they are close minus the shimmer.

This polish applied perfectly in two coats. It actually would have applied fine in one thick coat but I thinned my bottle with a few drops to I could apply two instead. It's such a great base for nail art so I can't wait to try some out :)


  1. Looks fab on you. I never bought this one - only bought 2 from this collection and bought them way late into the release of it - most of the shades looked too chalky for my liking.

    1. Thanks :) I loved a lot of the shades from this collection, but purchased mostly the dupes Sinful colors had out at the same time (Adventure Island Collection). I ended up getting this one (and the purple) discounted from a salon or I probably would not have picked these up. Soooo glad I did though, such a great collection :)


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