Friday, September 28, 2012

A Chameleon of a Polish

Happy, Happy Friday!

The last few weeks have a blur! I am so busy I literally have had zero time for myself let alone my nails. Sunday I actually had some time to myself and decided I wanted to wear another duochrome for re last week in September. I have such a large array, but decided on one of the newest additions to my collection, Rare and Radiant.

As I'm sure you already know, this is one of the many Chanel Peridot dupes. The base is a yellow/gold and the colour shifts between green and teal. I only needed two coats to reach opacity.

In the sun it is super sparkly and in the shade or indirect lighting is appears to be a metallic chrome, like melted metal! I did see some slight brush stroke marks but it didn't bug me too much. I know there are some methods out there on how to avoid them, I will have to try it out when I have more time.

The duochrome on this polish is petty prominent and I think it is definitely one of the stand out polishes of China Glaze's Bohemian collection. For one it doesn't take too many coats to reach opacity (two coats is usually the norm for me) and secondly it had a pretty noticeable shift in colour which I know some of the other polishes in the collection were lacking.

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  1. This is my favorite polish in the collection! I love it so much. Your pictures are fantastic, by the way. :)


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