Monday, September 24, 2012

More fall nails!

Today I have a fall polish from last year, I just had to have it right away and it just ended up stashed in a drawer since then. I have really been inspired by fall colours for my polishes and have been really feeling the duochromes that have been coming out this year. Rococo a Go-Go is from Orly's Mineral FX line and it so awesome! I would say the main shade in this polish is purple, but in some lighting it is way more of an amber/wine. Very jewel toned.

The finish is foily, very flecky and similar to the polishes from the preppie years Cosmic FX line (think Space Cadet, one of my all time FAVORITE POLISHES! Have a look at the photos.

Similar to Space Cadet the shimmer flashes many shades depending on your lighting source, they range from gold to orange. It so rich! I could have used one thick coat, but applied one medium and one light coat.

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  1. I love this nail polish! The glow of it is amazing! Loved your blog ;)


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