Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I think I may be going crazy...

I wrote a full post with photos and everything about a polish I THOUGHT I was wearing for the first time, when in reality I had actually worn it about two months earlier! I realized this when going though the last couple months of nail photos to pick my fave polishes for summer 2012 for an upcoming post. I don't know why I forgot I wore this polish because it it just too beautiful to forget... but here we go again, totally on it's own this time, the Lovely Zuza! The funny thing is I had a small hunch that I wore something similar to this in July... now I know why!

Zuza is a bright teal foil that is like nothing else I own in my collection.

The formula was thick which was expected, usually their polishes are good to go in one coat. I did find that if you went over the same spot twice you did get some balding. To avoid this I applied very little pressure to the brush and swiped three quick swipes per nail. I added a few drops of thinner to the bottle after the first coat and applied a thinner second coat to help even out any bald spots. I added a coat of Seche Vite since I was heading to bed right after application and I was set!

This colour is so pretty, it has this awesome gold/silver shimmer that makes it so much more than your average foil. I guess this is kinda like my last hurrah for summer polish seeing is how fall is this month! I always love summer but I can't wait to bust out some fall polishes. Lots of duochromes this year :) All in all I love this polish, even more so the second time around ;)

Do you have a favorite polish polish from any of the summer collections this year? Have you ever forgotten about trying a polish in your collection?

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  1. Zuza is definitely a beauty that deserves to be worn over and over! That said, I personally consider it an accomplishment to wear a polish more than once, so good job. :)


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