Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mini Zoya Haul

I have another mini haul from Zoya again. I had mentioned this purchase last month, I took part in one of the many promos they have been having and picked up the three new jelly polishes, Paloma, Frida and Katherine. They came packaged very nicely :)

I loved the colours online, but when I received the spoons I realized they definitely were very sheer. After much thought I decided to pick them up anyway, sure they will need to be built up with many coats, but think of the many layering possibilities! Such great shades for fall too. I wish I had gotten these a wee bit earlier because I can see the whole month of October being Halloween inspired colours for polishes and nail art, I just love Halloween.

Here are all three at one coat, left to right Frida, Katherine and Paloma.

indoor, lamp lighting

And here they are at two coats, same order.

indoor, lamp lighting

outdoor, overcast
The formula is very syrupy but evened it's self out well. I used two thick coats on the swatch wheel and did not get any bubbling, so that is a plus. I'll have to wear these as a full mani to see how they wear and build up on the nail.

Did you pick up this collection? How many coats do you prefer and which is your favorite?


  1. Mine are on their way right now...I did not jump on getting any of the Zoya fall shades when they came out. I waited for the holiday ones and then put in my order for the 2 of that I wanted and I knew I wanted these 3 because they were in hues I don't have that can be used for sandwitching. I only have a few shades I can use for that other than the typical light color sheers (a la OPI NYC Ballet collection type shades). I think these rock with the 2 coats - hoping I like them as much when I get them in my hands. I have a rare release super sheer Zoya called Coraline. I am not a fan of it still after owning it since last spring. I think I would have been fine with the sheer orange I have from the OPI TX collection when they first released their couple of sorbets.

    1. Nice! i'm going to wait for another sale and snatch up some of the holiday ones too, they look so pretty!

      Have you seen how these build up before your purchase them? I think you may need more than two coats. On my swathing wheel they look alright but it is a white plastic base. I do agree these will be awesome for sandwiching and could probably be worn on their own with the right underwear ;)


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